Aircraft Title Insurance

DUAL Asset Underwriting, the international asset insurance business, has announced the launch of Aircraft Title Insurance, the latest asset class to join the company’s range of legal ownership insurance services.

DUAL has partnered with AIC Title Service, leaders in the US aviation Title Insurance market, to launch Aircraft Title Insurance in Europe.

The policy insures buyers and/or the financiers of Aircraft for a wide range of legal ownership risks, including:

  • fraud & forgery
  • unknown debts secured against either the aircraft or its engines or propellers
  • third parties claiming to have a better ownership right
  • outstanding rates, taxes, charges and other levies, which often affect aircraft

DUAL can insure either aeroplanes or helicopters and/or in each case their engines and rotor blades with these products.

We can add specific risk insurance to these policies, if a technical glitch in ownership documentation is discovered during the acquisition process.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us for policy forms & a pricing guide

We can insure aeroplanes and helicopters, wherever in Europe they are being traded.

Phil Oldcorn, Chief Underwriting Officer of DUAL Asset commented:

We are delighted to be able to add insurance of Aircraft to our existing range of products for Real Estate, Mortgages, Share Ownership & Probate assets. We have forged an excellent relationship with AIC who have thrown their huge weight of experience behind this initiative. Our expertise in legal ownership insurance, combined with our underwriting skills and excellent broker relations make for an exciting future. As with our other asset insurance products, Aircraft Title Insurance will make it much easier and safer for anyone investing in aircraft as a business or for a hobby to make sure everything is safely in place before take-off!