Back to the Future with RSA

Even though DUAL Asset was established just six years ago, our underwriters still find themselves blowing the cobwebs off some very old policies, going back many decades.

Most legal indemnity policies run in perpetuity, and as such, it’s important that records are safely stored in case the policy needs amending in the future. It is also why the industry profile of a legal indemnity insurer should be an important consideration when taking out the policy and DUAL Asset is proud to work with insurers such as Royal and Sun Alliance (“RSA”), who underwrite multiple lines of insurance and has a Standard & Poor A rating.

RSA was first established in 1706 and was originally known as Sun Insurance. Over the next three centuries, this pioneering insurance company grew into the internationally recognised FTSE 100 business known today as RSA.

RSA has a long heritage in the legal indemnity market and DUAL Asset were delighted to be appointed to administer the RSA’s legal indemnity legacy book back in September 2016. Coincidentally, two former RSA legal indemnity underwriters were already working for DUAL Asset, Kelly Lines and Kate Thorp. “The RSA legal indemnity team was always well respected in the market,” says Kelly Lines, Senior Underwriter. “Their staff were very experienced and were market leaders in their fields for many years. Now it has come full circle for us and we are underwriting for the RSA again, which is fantastic.

DUAL Asset deals with all amendments to existing RSA legal indemnity policies, such as increasing the policy limit, adding additional risks, and requests from policyholders for copies of policies (or part of a policy, such as an accompanying plan). We even have requests to amend policies dating back to the 1960’s and whilst finding a file can sometimes be a challenge (as RSA’s basement storage facility in Manchester was damaged in 1996 by an IRA bomb attack resulting in a number of policies being lost), we can usually find a way to help policyholders.

For queries relating to historic RSA legal indemnity policies, please email us at or alternatively call 0203 435 6282.

RSA still deal with any claims or claim queries and such matters should be sent to

For more information, please contact Tanya Tayler – Underwriter. or +44 (0)203 435 6286/ +44 (0)7395 789 020