Conquer the World One Step at a Time

As if conquering the world one deal at a time was not consuming enough for Asset, one of the DUAL Asset team has literally decided to also conquer the world (or a large mountain range anyway!).

In March, Kirstin Nee and 9 of her colleagues from across the Hyperion Group will be embarking on a colossal trek in the Andes. The whole trek involves 13 days of hiking and climbing in the Ecuadorian Volcanic Andes taking in many peaks, including Cayambe (5,780m), Cotopaxi (5,897m) and ending with the summit of Chimborazo (6,310m); the closest place on Earth to space! The expedition team of mountaineering novices will take on multiple physical and technical hurdles, including roped glacier travel, ice axe climbing, prussiking and crevasse crossing; all whilst trying to cope with being at an altitude of over 6000m! With only a 60% summit rate success, this is by no means a walk in the park!

It is not in vain however, as Kirstin is trying to raise lots of money for the 4 wonderful charities being supported by Hyperion’s Million 4 Million campaign:

Fundraising has been going well with games at the DUAL Christmas party and a Fire and Ice Ball. The ball which was held on the snowy evening of 1st February was an outstanding success and the group managed to raise over £35Kon the evening. The team was overwhelmed with the success of the raffle, auction and the 300 plus person game of Heads & Tails hosted by Kirstin and her Dad!

Kirstin’s personal target of £10K and the team target of £100K being hit is still a long way away. If you would like to show your support (and stop her incessant LinkedIn posts), please pop on to her Virgin Giving page and make a donation. To give you an idea of how seriously she is taking this, she has pulled out of MIPIM (so please dig deep)!