Being a Newbie at DUAL Asset

It’s always daunting starting a new role. New journey to plan for, new people to meet and a never-ending list of new tasks and systems to navigate around. That’s how it was for me starting at DUAL Asset just three weeks ago. I was lucky enough to know a few of my new colleagues from a previous work place, so my walk into the new world was eased by familiar faces. Fast forward three weeks and I feel like I’ve been there all year!

My first week was spent trying to get to grips with the multitude of systems – in fact, I’m not going to pretend I have that mastered yet! Risk Write (DUAL’s bespoke underwriting system), websites, live chat, Microsoft Teams; it’s all a bit of a whirlwind and a lot to take in. However, one thing I felt confident with from the outset was that there’s always someone happy to help. I immediately felt like part of the team and was happy to ask my numerous questions without feeling like I was troubling anyone.

In my second week, I was feeling more confident with Risk Write and my knowledge was slowly returning with various bespoke legal indemnity risks. I have to admit, I was more tired than I’ve been in a long time and needing to get used to using my brain again! Pages of notes, a few headaches and roughly 1,000 questions later, I felt like I was starting to be of help to the team! It’s one of the things I am always concerned about when starting a new role; I always wish I could fast forward the first couple of months, so I can know exactly what I’m doing and just crack on!

Something I’ve found particularly interesting working for DUAL Asset is having the team span over several offices. I have never worked for a company where I have colleagues in London and Manchester, as well as Norwich! I thought it was going to be really difficult getting to know everyone, but as opportunities arise to talk with people, I am finding everyone incredibly friendly and keen to make me feel welcome. I’ve yet to visit the other offices, but I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and putting faces to names.

So I love the work, I love the team spirit and the icing on the cake – the social aspect. I’m not sure I’ve ever worked somewhere with a team so keen to take a trip to the pub – I think I’ve found my spiritual home! I cannot wait to see what the future brings with DUAL Asset, as I am already feeling like it’s a challenging and fun environment with fantastic opportunities. Roll on the strategy event in Amsterdam!

Terri Hatton – Underwriter at DUAL Asset Underwriting