Million for a Million – DUAL Asset Charity Event

To mark our 25th anniversary, Hyperion launched an ambitious charity initiative on 1 October 2018.  ‘Million for a Million’ aims to raise USD1 million by 30 September 2019 (our financial year end) by completing 1 million kilometres (or equivalent ‘units’).  We are well on target with USD750,000 pledged to date….! All proceeds will go to the below chosen charities:

Across the Group, we have seen fundraising in over 100 events and challenges from World Record breaking Atlantic rows, getting a team of 10 to the closest point of earth to space and cycling from London to Barcelona to baking and knitting sales!

DUAL Asset have whole-heartedly got on board with M4M. Jessica Ollerhead and Grace Hedgecock skied their way through the Alpine challenge with the team raising $26,469 in the process.  Kirstin Nee scaled five of the largest mountains in the Andes in March with the team raising $119,456.  The support from our clients through sponsorship, participation in organised fundraising and more has been overwhelming.

As the deadline draws near, we have two very special upcoming events, which both involve David Howden, our Group CEO.

The first is the Sharkfest, a 2.5km swim from Alcatraz to the mainland on 27 July.  The cold water, waves, and strong and unpredictable currents make the crossing a pretty tough challenge, not to mention the sharks – this is probably why it’s dubbed ‘the impossible swim’. To compound his pain, in September, David’s second challenge relates to his hair…. one night at the work bar, two colleagues suggested he shave it all off for our charity efforts and he agreed. Whilst not the most physically demanding challenge, David freely admits he is going to find it traumatic!

It would be amazing if you could support David in his adventures….naturally, we have key man insurance in place! If you would like to support us, please hop onto  to donate.

Thank you for your support!

Click here for a downloadable overview of M4M.