My Legal Indemnity Shop

DUAL Asset Underwriting are pleased to announce they have added a “Quick Quote” section to their online platform My Legal Indemnity Shop. This extension of their service gives users a choice of legal indemnity policy quotes in less than 60 seconds for residential properties in England and Wales.

Home buyers, conveyancers and brokers can log into DUAL’s innovative and user-friendly portal and receive three competitive quotes from leading insurers in just a few clicks of the mouse.

It drafts and issues policies for over 40 different residential title defects with covers of up to £5m, offering a choice of cover options and costs. These quotes are sent directly from the ‘Quick Quote’ portal to the user and their conveyancer for consideration.

Up to four risks can be combined under one quote, typically providing attractive cost-savings on the cover.

Mark Dennis, Head of Residential Risks at DUAL Asset, explains that Quick Quote is “our response to growing consumer interest in My Legal Indemnity Shop. Most of us ‘shop around’ when looking for insurance, and that’s what consumers are increasingly doing when being told that indemnity insurance will be required to complete their house sale or purchase. However, their legal adviser is only offering a single insurance quote from a preferred supplier. Quick Quote allows consumers to obtain a choice of quotes from different insurers to pass on to their legal adviser should the choice of quotes offered prove better value.

For further information or to see a short video of how the service works, please visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page.