Strengthening for the future – Underwriting Staff Promotions at DUAL Asset

Whilst writing this article, DUAL Asset are heading into the next financial year. This means that by the time of publication, our strategy away day will be completed and we will have set the strategy and vision for what we want to achieve in 2020. When we first started DUAL Asset back in 2013, 2020 seemed like a lifetime away and yet it is now upon us.  We have gone from having three underwriters in 2013 to twenty-six at the time of writing, with another set to join in September.

With such a large underwriting team, who are writing risks across the globe, it became apparent that we needed to re-structure the underwriting team in a way that empowered underwriters in their class of business to have more of a focus on their respective account, whilst also demonstrating a clear path of progression for staff from Assistant Underwriter level upwards.

The first step in this component is that Fergus Davey and I have now taken over the management of the underwriting team, with the primary objective to manage and develop the team to continue to write profitable business, whilst equipping the team with the necessary skills to do this.

With Fergus and I moving into an Underwriting Management role, we recognised that there were areas of our account that required a Senior Underwriter leading that division. We are therefore pleased to announce the following Senior Underwriter promotions:

Adam Keith has taken the role of Senior Underwriter UK. Adam’s focus will be on continuing to grow, whilst also diversifying the UK commercial side of our business with his fantastic technical knowledge of commercial risks.

Massimo Ruscio has taken the role of Senior Underwriter Europe. Massimo’s focus will be to expand the CEE side of our business in conjunction with our Warsaw team, whilst also underwriting risks across the rest of Europe.

Chris Hammond has taken the role of Senior Underwriter Australia & New Zealand. Since Chris has joined DUAL Asset, we have seen in an increase in deals from Australia & NZ, the market looks very exciting there, and we are sure that Chris will enjoy leading the charge in his home territory.

We also established that for our UK Commercial business, we needed a role that recognised the talent and ability of our underwriters operating in that field, who are able specialise in underwriting those risks and liaising with our clients accordingly. We are therefore pleased to announce that Josh Dennis, Caroline Rexon and Jessica Ollerhead have all been promoted to Commercial Underwriter and will work closely with Adam Keith in growing the UK commercial business. Josh, Caroline and Jessica all bring a brilliant commercial awareness of all risks, with the ability to get deals done as efficiently as possible.

Congratulations to all of those who have been promoted and the very best of luck to you all in your new roles. We believe that these promotions will solidify our position as one of the world’s top title insurers, whilst continuing to attract and nurture new talent. Here’s to 2020!

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Lines, Senior Underwriter, DUAL Asset Underwriting on +44 (0)7395 788 957 or