What is Legal Indemnity Insurance and how does it work?

This video will give you an overview of Legal Indemnity Insurance, the scope of cover in the residential real estate context and how it works in practice.


Part 1, covered by Trevor Barnett, provides relevant information on precisely what Legal Indemnity Insurance is, what it covers and how it addresses the regular problem of title defects uncovered during the due diligence process.

Part 2, covered by Samantha Hunter, gives an insight into Legal Indemnity Insurance for conveyancing transactions. Samantha explains various risks that can be covered, common defects, what is excluded from cover and differences between indemnity insurance policies. This section will give you a good overview of how Legal Indemnity Insurance can assist you with your residential real estate transactions and help streamline the overall process.

This video is designed for trainees and conveyancers starting out in the real estate legal sector.

Learning objectives:

  • A high-level introduction to Legal Indemnity Insurance (which is also commonly referred to as Title Insurance)
  • How can Legal Indemnity assist in property transactions? 
  • What is the purpose of Legal Indemnity Insurance?
  • What risks can be covered?
  • How does the indemnity protect in terms of loss sustained by an insured?
  • Overview of common risks, such as Building Regulations
  • What cannot be insured?
  • Is there any difference between indemnity policies

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