DUAL Asset can provide property ownership insurance coverage for buyers and sellers of residential property in Spain. This insurance helps sellers sell at their asking price, and purchasers buy with peace of mind

This means property sales with known or unknown defects can continue without delay or risk of financial loss, which helps:

  • Close the deal more quickly and confidently
  • Continue with sales even when defects are known
  • Improve the sale, purchase and mortgage experience 

Watch our short video below to learn more. Please contact Phil Oldcorn for more information at poldcorn@dualgroup.com/ +44 (0)207 337 8754.


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Phillip Oldcorn

Executive Chairman

London, UK

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T:+44 (0)207 337 8754 / M:+44 (0)779 892 2985

Phil is one of the founders and the Executive Chairman of DUAL Asset.

A solicitor, the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of First Title Insurance plc and a Senior Vice President of the First American Corporation.

Phillip has created successful legal indemnities businesses in the UK and Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey and Western Europe. He managed First American’s Australia/New Zealand operations from Sydney for a few years in the mid 2000s.

Now that Phil has stopped playing, he watches rugby. He is also an untalented but enthusiastic junior football coach. He sings and plays guitar with his rock n roll band Upside & owns Penn Street Promotions, an independent record label with Andy Hillier.