Webinar: Insurance Distribution Directive – Are you Compliant?

The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) came into force on 1st October 2018, resulting in the SRA (and CLC) introducing new rules for firms undertaking insurance distribution activities, but many firms are still questioning what the rules actually mean for them.

Any firm relying on a single insurer to provide insurances for its clients, will be limiting their clients’ options, which may potentially expose them to an allegation of breaching their obligations under the new rules.

DUAL Asset’s Trevor Barnett and Rob Hailstone from Bold Legal Group hosted a webinar to discuss the rules and offer guidance on meeting the requirements of IDD.

Samantha Hunter, Underwriter at DUAL Asset, also provides a short demonstration of My Legal Indemnity Shop. DUAL Asset’s unique online platform, the only site that offers a choice of quote options from competing insurers, will assist you in determining which best meets your clients’ specific demands and needs. It also helps you meet the requirements set out by the Insurance Distribution Directive.